Painting “Counter Sounds”, Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky

Painting “Counter Sounds”, Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky
Painting "Counter Sounds", Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky - 1

  • Posted by Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1924

Overview of the painting :

Contrast sounds – Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky. 1924. Cardboard, butter. 70.0×49.5 cm

   Today, some suggest that Vasily Kandinsky could have a unique quality – acoustico-flower synesthesia. Such people can feel colors like sounds, and sounds like colors.

   The artist himself repeatedly spoke about the close connection of painting and music, comparing color with the key, hammers with the eye, and the soul of a creator with a multi-stringed piano. In his book “Point and Line on the Plane”, the author set aside a separate chapter for music, where he tried to convey various sounds with a means of graphic drawings. However, such an interpretation of the sounds was very simplified and subjective, and Kandinsky understood well that it did not stop him from demonstrating his vision of musical sounds in the space of the art canvas. The painting “Confrast Sounds” is the brightest, almost textbook example for Kandinsky when the author captured music.

   The author uses only two tools to embody dissonating notes – form and color. At the same time, Kandinsky moves from color to shape, and not vice versa. The work clearly feels the predominance of clear geometric shapes to the detriment of whims of passages from lines that can be found in other paintings. The work is surprisingly balanced and harmonious, which indicates how painstakingly the author thought through each of its elements.

   There is no more unhappy art than music – because the phenomenon is temporary. Just a moment – and the sounds forever disappeared, leaving memories and emotions. “Contrast colors” is one of the best paintings, trying to capture this elusive art, and by virtue it was only Kandinsky.