Painting “Fishing”, Vasily Perov – overview

Painting “Fishing”, Vasily Perov – overview
Painting "Fishing", Vasily Perov - overview - 1

  • Author: Vasily Grigoryevich Perov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1871

Overview of the painting :

Rybolov – Vasily Grigoryevich Perov. Oil on canvas. 91 x 68 cm
   In the picture of B. G. The feather “Fishing” depicts two fishermen. One of them – a young man in the background – will turn his back on the audience, so you can judge his identity only by his clothes: the simplest suit and hat. He is busy with business – he puts the bait on the hook. It can be seen that a man is not rich, for him fishing is a way to get food and money.

   The contrast figure is the second fisherman, an elderly man with glasses. If compared with the first character, he is dressed much more expensive: a dark cloak, a neck scarf, polished boots and glasses in a round frame. In addition, the viewer sees all the equipment that the man brought with him: a few fishing rods, a net, a clay jug for the catch – obviously, the hero plans to spend more than one hour fishing.

   The face and pose of the man are especially interesting: he bent a little, leaning his hands on his knees and tight, even with excitement watching the process. It can be seen that fishing captivates him, but this is not a vital necessity: the old man is a wealthy man, probably a landowner or merchant.

   Against the background, the artist depicted a forest and a pond, as well as a light gray sky: morning time, the sun is not yet visible, but it is already light. A string of birds flies in the distance. Part of the landscape is also in the foreground: in the surface of the water on which the water lilies swing, the boots of the fisherman, fishing rods and the predawn sky are reflected.

   If before that, Perov used nature as a reflection of the personality of the heroes, part of their psychological portrait, then in this picture the background serves to create a peaceful, serene mood.

   This is not the only work of Perov on the topic of fishing and hunting. It is known that the artist was close to the life of ordinary people and was fond of such activities, so the details of the fisherman’s life are depicted as close as possible to reality.

   At the same time, the image of an elderly man is somewhat comical, there is a share of good mockery in him. This is characteristic of the work of the Perov of the 1870s. Pictures written at this time, art critics combined into a cycle called “Quiet Passions.”. It is justified by a sharp contrast with past work devoted to social problems. In the 70s, Perov came to understand that a calm and peaceful life should be present in art to the same extent as more acute topics.

   The painting was first presented to the public in 1871 at the First Mobile Exhibition, and after 2 years at the World Exhibition in Vienna. This was one of the first paintings by Perov on a household theme, and viewers appreciated it.