Painting “Giraffe on Fire”, Salvador Dali

Painting “Giraffe on Fire”, Salvador Dali
Painting "Giraffe on Fire", Salvador Dali - 1

  • Posted by Salvador Dali
  • Museum: Art Museum. Basel. Switzerland.
  • Year: 1936-1937

Overview of the painting :

Giraffe on fire – Salvador Dali. 1936-1937. Wood, butter. 35×27

   Twilight sank to the ground. Objects have become fuzzy, fantastic. Against the background of the evening, almost already night sky, female figures. Sliding boxes, supports under growths on the backs, arms pulled forward, groping in the dark at least some kind of support. The skin has already been torn off his hands, bare flesh scares with burgundy color. Away giraffe embraced by a flame.

   Anxiety premonitions, tension, fears. No clarity, no understanding. The collapse of figures on individual objects, the onset of darkness. The flaming giraffe does not seem to notice the fire, does not feel it. From this, the feeling of tragedy is even more distinct. Something terrible, inevitable is coming. The subconscious signals complex symbols and thick cold colors.

   Against the background of huge symbolic figures, a white man looks miserable and defenseless, wandering in himself, nowhere. Warnings, signals, remain unsolved for him.