Painting “Narcissus”, Brullov, 1819

Painting “Narcissus”, Brullov, 1819
Painting "Narcissus", Brullov, 1819 - 1

  • Posted by Karl Pavlovich Brullov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1819

Overview of the painting :

Narcissus – Karl Pavlovich Brullov. 1819. Oil on canvas. 162×209.5

   The picture is filled with sad edification. Neglected the love of the nymph proud Narcissus. For this and pays. Before us is the moment of the commission of punishment on the orders of the gods. Winged Erot just shot a hero, the young man wholeheartedly fell in love with his own reflection.

   The artist portrayed the hero full of energy and perfectly folded. Curly hair, the right facial features are indispensable attributes of the painting of classicism. Expressive gestures, modestly manifested emotions. The look is focused on reflection. Narcissus will no longer be able to break away from him.

   The flying Erot gives a sad look at the hero, on the one hand – sympathizing, on the other – condemning.

   The whole action of the picture is placed by the author in a dark, almost black forest, which, like a gloomy decoration, creates an atmosphere of the picture. Nature responds to the suffering of the hero.