Painting “Rodzh”, Savrasov, 1881

Painting “Rodzh”, Savrasov, 1881
Painting "Rodzh", Savrasov, 1881 - 1

  • Posted by Alexey Kondratievich Savrasov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1881

Overview of the painting :

The face is Savrasov. 1881.Oil on canvas. 45.4×64

   The artist’s personal life always affects the plot and mood of his work. So this work is full of premonition of the storm, bad weather, rampant elements. A strong wind presses heavy ears of corn to the earth itself. Tragically, the black sky does not just portend, it screams about the upcoming storm. A white cloud is still swirling over a small church, barely visible in the distance, which is trying to hide the field from the elements, but the power of the fury is too strong.

   The image of a mature cornfield is a popular plot among Russian landscape painters of the 19th century. But the work of Savrasov is characterized by tension and hopelessness.

   It is known that the artist during this period of his life is experiencing an acute crisis in his personal life, which could not but affect his work.

   The author at about the same time creates two works with the same name and plot. If the first is the beginning of the revelry of the elements, then the second is the end, the final. The setting red sun barely illuminates the stormy field. In terms of tension and anxiety, the second option surpasses the first.

   In the first version, the author slightly paints the premonition of the impending element with thick greenery and heavy gold of the field, in the second version the field itself is hidden from the viewer, and obscure dark spots and dark red tones leave no hope, but only note destruction and emphasize hopelessness.

   In the works of the master, his ability to create a bright and impressive atmosphere with mean and mean means is striking. Accurate lines, muffled, but expressive color, verified composition – all this makes both landscapes outstanding works of Russian painting.