Painting “Virsavia”, Karl Brullov, 1832

Painting “Virsavia”, Karl Brullov, 1832
Painting "Virsavia", Karl Brullov, 1832 - 1

  • Posted by Karl Pavlovich Brullov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1832

Overview of the painting :

Bathsheba – Karl Pavlovich Brullov. 1832. Oil on canvas. 173×125.5

   The biblical plot is served by the artist as a delightful panegyric beauty of the female body. An atmosphere of intimate sensuality has been created in the color whirlwind of white, black and orange. A powerful stream of light snatches the figure of the main character from dusk. A black maid, admiringly and faithfully looking into the eyes of her mistress, is called upon to emphasize the whiteness of the skin, the softness of the lines of the body of a young beauty. The orange blanket, the same sandals revitalize the composition, give the work a joyful and optimistic sound.

   Despite the impression of completeness and harmony, the work remained unfinished – the texture of the water in the pool is only indicated. However, this incompleteness does not prevent the viewer from enjoying the excellent work of the master.