Painting “War”, Otto Dix – overview

Painting “War”, Otto Dix – overview
Painting "War", Otto Dix - overview - 1

  • Posted by Otto Dix
  • Museum: Gallery of New Masters, Dresden
  • Year: 1932

Overview of the painting :

War – Otto Dicks. Wood. 406 x 264 cm
   The left side of the canvas terrifies the viewer, who subconsciously understands – the worst thing ahead.

   Early morning. The roaring sky is obscured by swirling dark gray clouds. The battle has not yet begun. Heaven is her first harbinger. The earth has not yet been sprinkled with scarlet blood of soldiers. Thick, caustic fog prevents you from moving forward, for many – in your most recent battle… The soldiers are on their way to grief. And she, as a symbol of eternity and spiritual exaltation, is ready to accept them into her dead-cold arms.

   On the central part, the ruins of a destroyed city seem unreal, not from this world. But the fire line does not spare anyone. Mesivo from strong warriors once again with his cruel example recalls that even the most powerful men are the same people as we all are. A soldier in a long cloak with a respirator looks at the viewer, forever hiding his face from him. Even Jesus is removed from the crucifixion and thrown into a pile of meat and bones. The artist seems to say this: “This time God has turned his back on you.”. His bloodied body has long lost its spirit, his blood has long been absorbed into the earth. He, like an angel of death, hung over the field of the dead, accompanying them on the last road.

   At the bottom of the picture is calm. The lives of soldiers are no longer in danger. What is dead, then do not kill. Their eyelids are closed, they are immersed in a deep eternal dream. Strong breasts are motionless, and the heart will never beat again. Brave warriors clung side by side, forever they are now destined to lie in a mass grave.

   On the right side of the canvas, everything ended as it should have been. Bodies will forever remain on an empty field – without a past and without a future. It seems that even the sunset sky is filled with dusty blood. The soldier carries a wounded comrade, courageously extorting fatigue. This is Otto Dicks himself. From that moment for him there is only today. And this is eternity today.