Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne - 1

  • Year of birth: 19 Jan 1839
  • Date of death: 22 Oct 1906
  • Country: France


Paul Cezanne was born January 19, 1839, in the old French town of AIX-EN-Provence. The only son of a rough and greedy father, Paul, in childhood, had virtually no relationship to painting, but in other areas received a very good education. Study was given it is easy and effective. He constantly received school prizes for Latin and Greek, in mathematics.

Drawing and painting were part of the compulsory subjects, but in his younger years, Paul gained in this field special Lavrov. It is noteworthy that annual prize drawing at the College went to the classmate of the young Cezanne – future classics Emile Zola. It is worth noting that the strong childhood friendship of two eminent Frenchman managed to carry through life. And the choice of life is almost completely determined the friendly advice Emil.

In 1858, cézanne passed exams for his BA at the University of AIX, enrolling in acting at the University law school. Utterly devoid of interest in the law, young Paul was forced to do it at the insistence of his domineering parent. Two years he “suffered” in this school, and during that time it has firmly formed a decision to devote himself to painting.

The son and the father managed to reach a compromise – Louis Auguste son equipped workshop, where he, in between his law practice, could devote time to the study of artistic craftsmanship under the guidance of local artist Joseph Gibert.

In 1861 the father has sent his son to Paris to present study of painting. When visiting the Atelier of Swiss, impressionable Paul Cezanne influenced the local artists quickly moved away from academic manners and began searching for his own style.

Briefly returning to the Former, then Paul again followed his friend Zola in the capital. He is trying to do at the Ecole de Bozar, but the examiners considered the work too “violent”, which, however, was not so far from reality.

However, 23 is the age, full of hope, and not too distressed Cezanne continued to write. Each year he presented his creations at the Salon. But the demanding jury rejected all the artist’s paintings. Strangulated pride forced Cezanne deeper dive into the work, gradually developing his own style. Some recognition along with other Impressionists came to Cezanne in the mid 70-ies. A few rich merchants purchased some of his work.

In 1869, the Field becomes his wife Marie-Hortense fick. They lived together for forty years. Cezanne with his wife and son Field constantly moved from place to place, until finally, in 1885, Ambroise Vollard not organized a personal exhibition of the artist. But the debts that are associated with the death of his mother, forcing the artist to sell the family estate. At the turn of the century, he opens his own Studio while continuing to work tirelessly until 22 October 1906 pneumonia does not interrupt his complex and fruitful life.