“Petrograd Defense”, Deinek – overview of the painting

“Petrograd Defense”, Deinek – overview of the painting
"Petrograd Defense", Deinek - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1928

Overview of the painting :

Petrograd Defense – Alexander Alexandrovich Deineka. 1956. Oil on canvas. 218×354

   The work “The Defense of Petrograd” is one of the symbols of Soviet painting and is an author’s repetition of the eponymous picture performed by A. AND. Deinekoy (1869-1969) in 1928 and dedicated to the events of the Civil War of 1919, during which the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army fought with white troops – opponents of the Soviet regime.

   According to the artist’s idea, two processions of soldiers and volunteers, which are going in opposite directions in the upper and lower “registers” of the composition, mean the return of the wounded (upstairs) and the vigorous performance of new soldiers who are ready to accept military baptism (below).

   The bent figures of the wounded, returning from the fronts, wrapped in a shinel, are a painful sight. But closer to the audience there is a column of new Red Army men who boldly walk towards fate, in the ranks of which both women and even a wounded man with his head tied, not sparing himself for a common goal. The artist sought the right types for writing the picture among the factory workers who participated in the Civil War.