Picture “Autumn landscape”, Levitan

Picture “Autumn landscape”, Levitan
Picture "Autumn landscape", Levitan - 1

  • Posted by Isaac Ilyich Levitan
  • Museum: Lugansk Regional Art Museum
  • Year: 1890s

Overview of the painting :

Autumn landscape – Isaac Ilyich Levitan. 1890s. Cardboard, butter. 13.1×18.8

   The miniature etude of the master surprises the audience with his color and mood. If not for two bright autumn birch trees and a forest visible in the distance, then the landscape could well be summer. The cold blue color of the peasant hut echoes the autumn sky, filling the work with a feeling of dampness and coolness. The greens are still bright and not without freshness. But the main mood is given to the golden crowns of trees. On the one hand, they give the landscape warmth and brightness, on the other hand, clearly indicate the golden autumn with its violent colorful wilting.

   The work is filled with coziness and love for a simple village corner. Light, energetic strokes create the illusion of foliage movement, designated clouds tear the wind. Old fence, spruce wheels, gray roofs – the whole composition is thought out and carefully verified.

   The ironiness of the work is guessed in a fuzzyly decorated light, “unpainted” small details. The work is admired by the exact perspective and color diversity.