Picture “Dreams”, Polenov – description

Picture “Dreams”, Polenov – description
Picture "Dreams", Polenov - description - 1

  • Author: Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov
  • Museum: Saratov Art Museum named after A. N. Radishcheva
  • Year: 1894

Overview of the painting :

Dreams – Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 1894. Oil on canvas. 180 x 165 cm

   Russian painting of the 19th century is very characteristic of a keen interest in evangelical history. Plots on biblical themes were created by both Perov and Ge, and Kram. Vasily Polenov also did not stay away.

   The main feature of Russian art of this period, dedicated to Jesus, is the so-called ethical attitude to Scripture, that is, the isolation of man in all religious history, full of miracles and mysticism. Polenov himself somehow said: “I want to seek historical truth.”.

   The painting “Dreams” shows us Christ on the rocky shore of Lake Genisaret. However, here the main character does not pronounce his famous upscale sermon – but only sits on stones, turned away from the viewer, looking back into the distance. The image of Jesus seems so human, real, devoid of the Divine imprint. You can take him for a tired traveler who thought deeply about something … or maybe he dreamed.

   The work is characterized by freshness, translucent tones, extraordinary purity, simple composition. It seems that Polenov deliberately left only the most important thing – an empty landscape and a person who are equivalent and equal in title.

   The picture exists in several versions, and all versions have found their home in Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saratov.