Picture “Evening in Ukraine”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview

Picture “Evening in Ukraine”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview
Picture "Evening in Ukraine", Archip Ivanovich Quinji - overview - 1

  • Posted by Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1878

Overview of the painting :

Evening in Ukraine – Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji. 1878 (adopted in 1901). Oil on canvas. 81 x 163 cm

   In 1901, after 20 years of silence, in a closed evening, where only the closest people were invited, Quinji presented several new works, among which was the work “Evening in Ukraine”.

   By the way, this canvas could not be called completely new – back in 1878, the painter presented it at the Sixth Exhibition of Advanced Artists entitled “Evening” in tandem with the painting “Forest”. However, in 1901 the author put up an already revised version with an expanded name.

   “Evening in Ukraine” all critics and fans of the work of Archip Quinja love to compare with earlier work – “Ukrainian Night”. Stylistically, compositely and emotionally, these two paintings are solved in one vein, although they share their years, and even decades (if we take into account the latest version of the picture).

   The work reflected both Quinji Romantic and Quinji realist. Romanticism manifests itself in the extraordinary poetry of a simple, banal plot, and the reliability of the display, thoroughness to the details are already signs of realistic painting. The compositional construction of the work captures the attention of the viewer and takes his eyes deep into the picture. In the foreground we see two houses, and the paths and the uneven landscape, which opens the roofs of other houses to us, makes us intently peer into each element of the canvas.

   The decorativeness inherent in Quinji’s brush is brought to the limit here. We see a completely amazing sunset sky with smooth overflows of white, bluish and, of course, pink. The light of the sky is displayed in the white walls of Ukrainian huts. The absence of people and any living things, coupled with this magical light, gives the picture some enchanted stillness, pre-ordered numbness.

   However, well-groomed houses with even hay roofs, and trampled paths tell us that life is in full swing on this farm. Lubricants with shiny white sides surrounded by trees with thick crowns – the pre-sunset hour made them dark green, almost black.

   Despite the closeness of the exhibition evening, rumors that Quinji showed 4 new paintings after many years of silence crawled stubbornly around the city. The delighted and surprised exclamations of those present only poured oil into the fire of public interest – even if it turned out the master did not sign up, and all these years worked hard. However, the interest in Quinja’s work did not become an impulse for him to get out of the shadows. After this mini-show, the artist again fell silent this time until his death.