Picture “Faces”, Pavel Filonov – overview

Picture “Faces”, Pavel Filonov – overview
Picture "Faces", Pavel Filonov - overview - 1

  • Author: Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1940

Overview of the painting :

Faces – Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov. Cardboard, butter. 65 x 55 cm
   In the work of P. N. Filonova often has canvases with people arising from space. The picture “Faces” depicts five men. Their views are directed in one direction as at a meeting or rally. The disordered strokes around the figures remind the crowd of demonstrations, while the attention of the participant in the action did not stop on the mass of people, but on five separate individuals.

   In the center of the picture is a man in a peculiar position. It is as if he wants to whisper something to his comrade standing nearby. The whole appearance of this person evokes strange feelings. On the one hand, it resembles an ancient priest: a thoughtful look, a shaved head. On the other hand, a person is very exhausted, he has sunken cheeks, veins appeared on his forehead. Sineva gives him a painful look.

   Nearby, a standing man looks decisive and strong. His gaze is full of mistrust, his eyebrows are frowned. Three more heroes are depicted in the background, but only on the shoulders. Outwardly, they are submissive and humble. The face of one of the characters resembles the face of Filonov himself.

   Each figure in the picture is trimmed, which enhances the effect of an endless canvas that continues beyond the frame.

   The Vanguardist Filonov possessed amazing academic knowledge of anatomy. In this picture, all images are technically accurate. The artist leaves the characters with nude cakes. This may mean that a person does not care about holy clothes. Perhaps these are not even people, but their souls, who glow from the inside.

   Blue color is very popular in the works of Filonov. Blue, like human energy, at times overflows with golden, greenish and red shades. The glass figures reflect the color of the mood of the soul.

   Filonov began his paintings from the point “from the atom.”. In this work, faces also arise from small multi-colored strokes, similar somewhere to crystals, somewhere on the roofs of houses.

   It is not easy to solve the meaning of the picture, but the artist did not try to call for something with his work. In a complex avant-garde composition, the viewer will see for himself exactly the reality that is close to him at the level of the subconscious.