Picture “Ladoga Lake”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview

Picture “Ladoga Lake”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview
Picture "Ladoga Lake", Archip Ivanovich Quinji - overview - 1

  • Posted by Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1873

Overview of the painting :

Lake Ladoga – Archip Ivanovich Quinji. 1873. Oil on canvas 62.5 x 79.5

   In the summer of 1872, Archip Ivanovich went to Balaam. Immediately after the wedding with a Greek of Russian origin, Vera Shapovalova (Ketcherji).

   The choice of a place for a wedding trip was, of course, dictated by the artistic aspirations of a newly made spouse – many landscape painters of that time sang Balaam, devoting wonderful paintings to the island. It’s the turn and Quinja will go for his portion of inspiration to this secluded picturesque corner.

   Returning from the trip, the master creates an amazing picture – “Ladoga Lake”. The landscape gland was very attractive to the northern edge. The bare rocky expanses were distinguished by their grandeur and calm in the frame of the clear water of the cold lake.

   The painter chose the Racurs very successful to be able to grab everything. Here is the shore in the boulders and pebbles, and dark water, and, of course, the grand sky, because without it it is difficult to imagine a picture of Quinji’s brush.

   The most curious moment in the picture, immediately attracting the attention of the viewer, is the rocky bottom, which shines through the water. Very interesting and beautiful reception. And it is with this amazing image of stones through the prism of transparent lake water that a large scandal is associated that kindled the temperate and emotional Quinji.

   During the creation of the canvas “Ladoga Lake”, a comrade “on the workshop”, artist-marinist Sudokovsky lived next to the painter. Neighbors could not be called bosom friends, but the artists warmly welcomed. 10 years after the presentation of the “Lake”, Sudkovsky presents his work to society – “Dead Style”, where Quinji literally repeats the reception, namely stones that are shone through the water. This outraged Archip Ivanovich to the core. Accusing an already former friend in plagiarism, the painter demanded coverage in the press – they say that this technique belongs to him. Today they would say – it was necessary to patent, and so … But the 19th century is not XXI and the noise has risen serious, and the art community has divided into two camps.

   However, today hardly anyone will remember Sudkovsky, but the name of the Russian artist with the outlandish surname “Quinji” is immortal. And how can you not admire his incredible lake, blue from its own depth and dark from the cloud that thickens over him, along which both the sailboat and the simple little ship move equally measuredly. How not to absorb the beauty of these endless expanses, the extraordinary transparency of the air written in cold tones that make this plot detached-great and sacred-lonely … like Balaam himself …