Picture “Lunny Night”, Kram – overview of the painting

Picture “Lunny Night”, Kram – overview of the painting
Picture "Lunny Night", Kram - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskaya
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1880

Overview of the painting :

Moonlight Night – Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskaya. 1880. Oil on canvas. 178.8×215; 135.2 cm

   How many colors can carry the night? Lots of things – proves through the centuries to the audience of Kram. The painting “Lunny Night” is one of the most delightful lyrical “evening” paintings of the great Russian painter.

   In a bright moonlight, illuminating a wide wooden bench in the park, a young woman appears in front of us, dressed in a luxurious white dress. Everything around is immersed in darkness, but the moon here and there highlights fragments of the park, and you can already consider the calm expanse of water with jugs, a winding alley of the park with high mighty trees.

   The main character of the canvas is a mysterious thoughtful woman, Kramskaya wrote from nature. At the first stage of creating the canvas, Anna Popova (the future wife of the great chemist Mendeleev) became the model, and the artist finished the picture with another model – Elena Tretyakova.

   The picture also acquired its name immediately, the author considered the options “Magic Night”, “Old Poplar”, but at the first exhibitions under the canvas stood the laconic inscription “Night”.

   The finished canvas was acquired by the spouse of the second model – philanthropist and collector Sergey Tretyakov, the younger brother of the more famous Pavel Tretyakov. All my life, the delightful “Lunar Night” was at his house, and after death, by the will of the owner, was transferred to the Tretyakov Gallery.