Picture of the Trinity, El Greco

Picture of the Trinity, El Greco
Picture of the Trinity, El Greco - 1

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  • Museum: Prado Museum
  • Year: 1577-1579

Overview of the painting :

Trinity – El Greco. 1577-1579. Oil on canvas. 300×179

   The artist introduced the Trinity in the composition “Courts of Christ”: surrounded by angels, God the Father accepts the body of His Son, and at the top the dove soars – a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Here we see the influence of manierism characteristic of the further work of the painter: a sharp elongation of proportions and a contouring of the human figure. Much attention is paid to color. El Greco took its Byzantine base from the Venetian color system, he achieved incredible cut-off of paints: comparing bright yellow and cold blue, emerald green and fiery red tones. The use of whitewashed, yellow color reflexes on dark surfaces give gamma extreme emotional tension.

   The composition is based on the famous engraving Albrecht Dührer. The color and drawing of this work was influenced by Roman and Venetian masters, in particular, the bright picturesque palette is associated with the work of Tintoretto, and complex changes in the angles of the figure of Christ indicate close attention to the works of Michelangelo.

   This early altar image was performed for the attics of the main tabular image in the church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo in Toledo.