Picture The Kamenchikov’s Courtyard, Canaletto

Picture The Kamenchikov’s Courtyard, Canaletto
Picture The Kamenchikov's Courtyard, Canaletto - 1

  • Posted by Antonio Canaletto
  • Museum: National Gallery (London)
  • Year: Around 1725

Overview of the painting :

Kamenchikov’s Courtyard is Canaletto. Around 1725. Oil on canvas. 123.8×162.9

   Giovanni Antonio Canal, nicknamed Canaletto (1697-1768) – Italian artist, head of the Venetian school of hosts (from the Italian “veduta” – “view”), master of the urban landscape in the Baroque style.

   It so happened that in England there were quite a few works of Canaletto. This is because many young aristocrats, completing their training cycle, made educational trips to Italy. In Venice, they saw many Canaletto paintings with city views and enjoyed acquiring them. By the way, when the artist ended up in England and worked in London, his works were not very successful, he was forced to return to his homeland.

   “Customer Courtyard” is one of Canaletto’s best works. The idea of him of the master is based, first of all, on canvases depicting attractive species of Venice, and this picturesque masterpiece on its subject in its heritage stands apart. The picture does not depict a festival, not a solemn departure of the doge, not a regatta on the Grand Canal… But, nevertheless, the viewer is still the same Grand Canal as it was during the time of Canaletto: with a working quarter on the shore. Even the most prosaic topic – the work of the Kamenotes – the artist embodied very poetically. In the background is the church and the bell tower of Santa Maria della Carita. In 1841, the belfry suddenly collapsed without damaging the temple, and has not been restored since then. So the paintings of a painter with its views, in particular this one, not only represent artistic value, but also are documents of the era.