Picture “View of London”, Antonio Canaletto, 1747

Picture “View of London”, Antonio Canaletto, 1747
Picture "View of London", Antonio Canaletto, 1747 - 1

  • Posted by Antonio Canaletto
  • Museum: National Gallery (Prague)
  • Year: 1747

Overview of the painting :

View of London – Antonio Canaletto. 1747. Oil on canvas. 118×238

   The Canaletto painting, representing a view of London – a bucket built on the principle of a corner perspective, offers a panoramic view of the wide river, surrounded by impressive buildings. It shows Thames in the early predawn hour, when the business bustle has not yet managed to cover the coastal quarters, heap clouds are reflected in dark water, and pink glances of the dawn cross over with the reddish walls of the palaces. Light vessels sliding along the transparent surface of the river do not violate its majestic peace, they seem tiny compared to the vast water expanse.

   The high point of view chosen by the artist does not allow the viewer to consider everything unsightly and small, but makes it possible to admire the calm beauty of a distant look. The morning is cool and permeated with moisture – this is the atmosphere of the northern city, whose colors are restrained and deep, and the air is dense and fresh. The picture does not create a festive, but a lyrical mood, consonant with the early morning of a waking city.

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