Pigeon, Perov, 1874

Pigeon, Perov, 1874
Pigeon, Perov, 1874 - 1

  • Author: Vasily Grigoryevich Perov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1874

Overview of the painting :

Pigeon – Perov. 1874. Oil on canvas. 107×80.7

   A sense of happiness, youth and freedom is filled with this work of the artist. The plot is simple, easy and understandable, it is devoid of all kinds of difficulties and deep meanings. Before us is a young man busy with his favorite business. Doves are the favorite fun of not only Moscow boys, but also adults. Entertainment is characteristic of the natures of the romantic and energetic.

   The author created a picture revealing the image of a pigeon – a strong, simple-minded, open young guy. Only a few details – a broken front tooth, a native cross on the chest and disheveled blond hair – speak much more about the hero than long stories. Before us is undoubtedly a kind, sociable young man, emotional and explosive temperament (the absence of a front tooth indicates participation in a lot of fights common for a boy). He confidently rests on the visor of the roof of the pigeon house.    The look of the pigeon is high in the sky, where a flock of pigeons is spinning. A person’s eternal dream of flying in this look, blond envy and limitless happiness. Everything suggests that youth and happiness have become the subject of the image. It can be seen that the dovecote is equipped with love for pets, even curtain is provided. The pigeons themselves, written out by the author accurately and with knowledge of the matter, are completely not afraid of the person, it is clear that they are used to trusting their master and have never seen any evil from him.

   Sunlight floods the roof of the house, the blue summer sky occupies almost half of the composition. The whole composition of the picture seems to be directed up.

   Skillfully combining summer, light and calm colors, the play of light and shadow, the author filled his work with extraordinary warmth and vitality. The viewer is infected with positive energy and completely childhood enthusiasm reigning for the work of the master of genre painting.