Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is the store of painting and sculpture

Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is the store of painting and sculpture

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Milan
  • Address: Via Brera, 28

Among the many museums, the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan for more than two hundred years is a real jewel of Italian art. Founded in 1809 the Academy of arts of the Brera Gallery became a haven for artists and sculptors, and as if anticipating his fate, was the largest gallery in Milan.

To date, thirty-eight halls of the gallery present for all to see recognized masterpieces of painting and sculpture. Each room represents a different chronological age or belonging to a particular school, in addition to galleries and there are themed rooms.

Description of the halls of the Brera gallery

So for the image of Jesus Christ took all the first room, and icons of the EIGHTEENTH century, with the image of the followers of Christ took thirty-fourth space. Second, third and fourth halls are paintings of the Italian masters of XIII-XVI centuries. The works of the masters of Venetian painting of the FIFTEENTH and SIXTEENTH centuries has housed the fifth and sixth halls. The exquisite works of the Venetians are also in seventh, eighth, ninth and fourteenth halls. Room number ten is used exclusively to works of contemporary artists. Rooms from the fifteenth to the nineteenth reserved for the frescoes of the FIFTEENTH and SIXTEENTH centuries, on which the master has depicted the saints. Twenty-first hall has become a meeting polyptych of the FIFTEENTH century. Twentieth and twenty-second and twenty-third halls are dedicated to Bolognese masters. Masters of the High Renaissance chose for himself the hall of the twenty-fourth. The work of the natives of Central Italy the FIFTEENTH and SIXTEENTH centuries are exhibited in the hall of the twenty-seven and twenty-eight. Michelangelo Merisi was awarded only twenty-ninth hall. The thirties were a jetty for Lombard painting of the SEVENTEENTH century. The paintings of Dutch artists are exhibited in the halls of the thirty-first, thirty-second and thirty-third. In the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth again settled the Venetian painters, but of the EIGHTEENTH century. The thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth entering the hall reserved for the painters of the nineteenth century.

Some of the halls of the gallery are used for exhibitions of works of contemporary local artists. Conveniently located in the Galleria Brera in Milan, it is impossible to plan to undertake within a certain amount of time, since time is of the past. The museums of Italy give us priceless masterpieces and worth a visit in Milan to appreciate it all.