Portrait B. AT. Sheremeteva, Ivan Petrovich Argunov – overview

Portrait B. AT. Sheremeteva, Ivan Petrovich Argunov – overview
Portrait B. AT. Sheremeteva, Ivan Petrovich Argunov - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Petrovich Argunov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1775

Overview of the painting :

Portrait B. AT. Sheremeteva – Ivan Petrovich Argunov. Oil on canvas. 47 x 62 cm
   Ivan Petrovich Argunov – a serf owned by Count P. B. Sheremetev. After completing his studies with foreign masters, he achieved unprecedented skill and expressiveness in portrait painting. He received many orders for the image of not only influential noblemen and dignitaries, but also empresses. He writes many portraits of relatives of the count for the family art gallery of the Sheremetevs, including creating the image of Boris Vladimirovich Sheremetev.

   The neutral dark graphite background of the picture does not distract attention from the face of the hero, and the waist image brings him closer to the viewer. Before us, a young man with a military dressing, dressed in the shape of a skier’s label guard, in which only nobles took service, calmly and confidently stands.

   A simple wig of dark-fingered hair, combed back and braided into a small pigtail tied with a black bow, open a tall clean forehead, face with the right features, a soft chin. Dark chestnut eyebrows and coral lips emphasize the delicate pinkish-cream color of smooth skin. In expressive dark gray eyes, interest glows. A attentive and studying look full of self-esteem. A warm and friendly smile lurks in the corners of the mouth.

   In great detail, with great skill, the master writes the military uniform of an officer, passing the play of light and shadows on a dense caftan of a deep basilian cloth. Gold halons will shine, decorating the collar and red camisole, buttoned on all buttons. The artist writes out a subtle laceous toad on a white shirt in very detail.

   A pictorial laconic palette characteristic of a painter, in which dark gray, blue, red and white colors are harmoniously combined. Against their background, amber yellow shades of gold trim.

   Ivan Petrovich Argunov managed to convey the open and good temper of a young man in combination with the mind and inner strength. He chose military service for himself and is ready to honestly serve for the good of the Fatherland.