Portrait of a boy in a straw hat, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky – overview

Portrait of a boy in a straw hat, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky – overview
Portrait of a boy in a straw hat, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Fomich Khrutsky
  • Museum: National Art Museum of Belarus
  • Year: End 1830

Overview of the painting :

The portrait of the boy in the straw hat is Ivan Fomich Khrutsky. Oil on canvas.

   A wonderful portrait was written by the master of the brush I. F. Khrutsky! How much heat and tenderness is in it!

   In the center of the composition is a boy with a basket of grapes. He stands, clinginging to her tightly. Probably someone gave him such a gift. He has a calm look and a meek expression. It seems that the child is thinking about something.

   He has large brown eyes, a straight nose, chubby lips, a pink blush on his cheeks. He wants to seem like an adult. He is wearing a fashionable straw hat with a peacock feather. The headgear drove a little on its side, opening its ears. The boy is childishly straight clean and sincere.

   The dark background of the picture allows you to focus on the figure of the child. The artist reverently and graciously conveyed to the audience the beauty and harmony of Russian nature in the grape brush and in the eyes of the boy. The child is wearing a white shirt, on top of which a pink cloak in a fold, with long sleeves in the spirit of last time.

   The brush master painted a portrait of a boy from nature. He perfectly created on canvas this wonderful plot! Perhaps this child is familiar to him, and he himself handed him a basket of grapes. Ripe, green berries shine, poured with sweet juice. The artist wanted to show the life of the peasants and the boy after collecting the fruits. He was always attracted to peasant life, and he enthusiastically painted interesting stories. Khrutsky’s work has many similar topics that reveal the life and activities of ordinary people.

   The picture brings kindness, good mood and love for the world around us. It is pleasant to contemplate it, thinking about the eternal. The portrait will look great in the home interior of the living room and children’s, as well as educational institutions.