Portrait of a boy, Pinturikkio

Portrait of a boy, Pinturikkio
Portrait of a boy, Pinturikkio - 1

  • Posted by Bernardino di Betto Biaggio (Pinturikkio)
  • Museum: Dresden Gallery
  • Year: Around 1,500

Overview of the painting :

The portrait of the boy is Bernardino Pinturikchio. Around 1,500. Wood, butter. 35×28
   Bernardino di Betto Biaggio (1454-1513) (named Pinturikchio) is a representative of the Renaissance Umbrian school, known as a master of monumental and decorative paintings. He was involved in the design of the Sistine Chapel, in which the grand work of Michelangelo subsequently unfolded. The frescoes of Pinturikchio are multi-figure, full of curious details, they are interesting to consider as scenes. The artist attached great importance to the landscape. The view of the presented “Portrait of a Boy” is also beautiful.

   We didn’t get much of the Pinturikchio machine tools. “Portrait of a Boy” is one of the best works of the master. A clearly defined semi-figure of a child appears against the background of a distant landscape. Attention is drawn to the face of the hero – it is thoughtful and childishly serious, an inquiring look of clear eyes is fixed on the viewer. The whole appearance of the model is inspired, and the landscape adds to this mood harmonious emotional overtones.