Portrait of a young man, Anolo Bronzino

Portrait of a young man, Anolo Bronzino
Portrait of a young man, Anolo Bronzino - 1

  • Posted by Anolo Bronzino
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1530s

Overview of the painting :

The portrait of a young man is Anolo Bronzino. 1530s. Wood, butter. 95.6×74.9

   The representative of the mannerism, the court portrait painter of the dukes of Medici, Anolo Bronzino, apparently depicted the Urbinsky Duke Guidobaldo II or one of the members of the Florentine art club, where the author was included, in the picture. The young man stands with a “steel” posture, putting a thin hand on his belt. The artist emphasized that this is a person proud of his aristocracy. The rigor and even rigidity of the pose is enhanced by clear architectural structures in the background.

   A young man holds a book in his hand, symbolizing not only his education. Bronzino and his comrades were fond of poetry, composed cherries, and the volume of poems, which the young man laid with his finger, hints at an activity that rises his soul. Therefore, not everything is so clear in this “exchangeable” aristocrat. The only thing we will never know is what poem the book is on. This secret revitalizes the strict and majestic painting of the work.