Portrait of Count G. AND. Golovkina, Ivan Nikitich Nikitin – overview

Portrait of Count G. AND. Golovkina, Ivan Nikitich Nikitin – overview
Portrait of Count G. AND. Golovkina, Ivan Nikitich Nikitin - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Nikitich Nikitin
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1720s

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of Count G. AND. Golovkina – Ivan Nikitich Nikitin. Oil on canvas. 90.9 x 73.4
   From Italy, Ivan Nikitich Nikitin returns to the already established master. Appointed as the first court painter, he devotes a lot of time and effort to writing portraits of the royal family and courtiers. Among them stands out a portrait of the associate Peter I, the first chancellor of the Russian Empire, Gabriel Ivanovich Golovkin, appointed by the President of the College of Foreign Affairs in 1720.

   A young man in a rich robe looks at us intently. His chocolate-brown velvet caftan with wide covers is decorated with a golden occasion. Under them you can see a camisole, embroidered with a golden cord, and a snow-white shirt with a neck scarf. He stands confidently and calmly, holding the order ribbon with his left hand. On the left side are attached the star of the Order of Andrei the First-Called and the Polish Order of the White Eagle on a blue moire tape.

   A large dark gray wig with curled curls frames a narrow thin face. The rays of the falling left-beam illuminate a high smooth forehead with small transverse wrinkles, slightly sunk cheeks, a barely noticeable dimple on a smoothly shaved chin. Soft shadows lie in deep folds, lying from the wings of a long nose. A barely noticeable, slightly sad smile plays on tight-fried lips. From under thick eyebrows, shiny dark brown eyes carefully look. All understanding, slightly tired look of a wise and educated person.

   The master palette is not diverse. Deep black background color, muffled brown tones of clothes, calm ash-gray shades of wig emphasize the warm golden radiance of the skin. The only bright emphasis on the picture is a bright white shirt.

   With inconspicuous strokes, translucent layers, the artist imposes paint, transmitting the finest play of light and shadow, creating the image of a living person.

   Before us is an experienced statesman, restrained and reliable, knowing the price. It feels an internal rod and energy.

   It excites the painter’s ability to convey the emotional state and character of a diplomat who has seen a lot but retained his vitality.