Portrait of Jazmurada Orazsakhatov, 1961, Izat Klychev

Portrait of Jazmurada Orazsakhatov, 1961, Izat Klychev
Portrait of Jazmurada Orazsakhatov, 1961, Izat Klychev - 1

  • Posted by Izat Klychev
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1961

Overview of the painting :

   People’s Artist of the USSR Izat Klychev is one of the leading masters of Soviet painting. He seeks to create works of civic sound capable of transmitting the significance of our era, the greatness of man labor.

   The series of portraits of Turkmen workers created by the artist arose on the basis of a deep study of life. Klychev visited the builders of the Karakum Canal, and the livestock breeders of Turkmenistan. “Without studying reality,” the artist writes, “without communicating with glorious workers, villages and cities, it is impossible to appear works of truthful, thought-inspired, imbued with great feelings, works of civic sound.”.

   So, after spending almost a month in the brigade of the famous cotton grower Yazmurad Orazsakhatov, Klychev captured the appearance of a man who is tightly connected with the labor process itself, with his native land. He portrayed Orazsakhatov right in the field, by the scales. The solar landscape of Turkmenistan, the figures of people working in the distance give directness to the portrait.

   In Soviet painting of the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, artists sought to show life without embellishment, to portray everyday workers (hence the emphasized severity and simplicity of composition, the harshness of the picture, the restraint of the color). At the same time, avoiding shallowness, routine, they take the path of searching for monumentality, significance of the image, which sometimes gives rise to enlarged forms (a person is depicted on canvas in sizes significantly exceeding natural ones). All these features can be noted in portraits of Klychev.

   Student of the Leningrad Art Institute. AND. E. Repina, an artist who knows and deeply respects Russian art, Izat Klychev is tightly connected with the national Turkmen culture. He lives and works in Ashgabat, conducts a great teaching job. The work of the Turkmen artist organically entered multinational Soviet art. The works created by Klychev took pride of place in the collections of the country’s largest museums.