Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris – description

Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris – description
Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris - description - 1

  • Posted by Juan Gris
  • Museum: Chicago Institute of the Arts
  • Year: 1912

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of Pablo Picasso – Juan Gris. Oil on canvas. 93.3 x 74.4 cm

   A magnificent masterpiece was depicted by artist Juan Gris! It was created in the genre of “analytical” cubism with oil on canvas. Pablo Picasso was a friend and associate of Juan Gris. Together they discussed interesting topics in painting and worked on new projects in cubism. In gratitude for friendship and cooperation, he enthusiastically wrote his portrait.

   The drawing delights with its originality. The portrait is permeated with fuzzy contours. They are “invisible” and foggy, as if pouring into the overall background of the picture. Visually visible outlines of the human body in translucent intersections of planes. This gives the drawing a mystery and originality. The picture is abstract, carries the eternal rhythm of the time, the search for truth and the history of past eras. Picasso is depicted in thought, probably thinking about his work. His gaze is serious, his eyes are deep and clean, his soul radiates light and warmth. Perhaps he is considering the plot of his picture, or has already finished work and admires an incomparable creation. At this occupation, he was caught by Juan Gris and decided to show the whole world a unique artistic masterpiece.

   The picture has many interesting touches inspired by the emotional sensations of the artist. The master of the brush managed to convey life and eternity, creative flight and inspiration in an unusual, recognizable style. Juan Gris was a innovator – a vanguardist, the founder of cubism, like Pablo Picasso. His style in painting is creative, exciting immediately and for a long time. Loving life and the world around him, he embodied interesting symbolic abstractions in his works. Portrait of the artist P. Picasso – “explosion” of avant-garde, fireworks of amazing creativity and the magic of cubic art in painting.

   The picture gives people peace of mind, good rest and leisure, suggests of the eternity of earthly being. It will look great in the interior of the studio apartment living room, study room, office, country cottage. The artistic masterpiece of Juan Gris is a source of inspiration for creative natures.