Portrait of Renato Guttuzo, Pavel Dmitrievich Korin, 1961

Portrait of Renato Guttuzo, Pavel Dmitrievich Korin, 1961
Portrait of Renato Guttuzo, Pavel Dmitrievich Korin, 1961 - 1

  • Posted by Pavel Dmitrievich Korin
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1961

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of the Italian artist Renato Guttuso – Pavel Dmitrievich Korin. 1961. Oil on canvas. 115×112

   The homeland of Korina – the village of Paleh, Vladimir region – an ancient center of Russian art crafts. great-grandfather and father Korin were icon painters. Iconopies studied in his youth with local masters Pavel Korin. He came to Moscow for sixteen-year-old youth to work in the icon-painting chamber of the Don Monastery. The further fate of Korin was greatly influenced by acquaintance with M. AT. Nesterov, who generously shared knowledge, experience with young artists and for many years became his close friend. On the advice of Nesterov, Korin entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where his mentor was S. AT. Malutin and K. AND. Korovin.

   The October Revolution Corin welcomed enthusiastically. He believed that the victory of the risen people means the victory of a heroic beginning in art. The harsh and beautiful revolutionary era should, in his opinion, correspond to the works of enormous emotional power and the power of revolutionary content, courageous, pathetic and passionate. He considered the main thing for his work to be the creation of the image of a contemporary. “The task of the artist and the difficulty of the artist is to show not accidental and private, but essence, meaning, leading trends in life, time,” Korin wrote in one of his articles. The masters were attracted by strong, whole characters, difficult fates of courageous people, wrestlers and ideas, creators, thinkers. It was in such a courageous and uncompromising, spiritually rich and generously giving people his talent that he saw a modern person. Heroes of Korinsky portraits – artists, writers, artists, musicians.

   Portrait of Renato Guttuso is one of Korina’s late works. In Guttuzo, he saw, first of all, a talented artist, a thoughtful, serious person. Corin called people of such a warehouse “aristocrats of the spirit.”. The main focus in the portrait is on the face and hands of the model. The expressiveness of the image is facilitated by a clear linear drawing, careful selection of the necessary interior details, a dense energetic smear. In the unusual Korin, the bright color of the portrait, in the abundance of the sun in him, the thoroughness of the transfer of each object affected the desire of the master to emphasize his love for the nature of Italy, respect for a talented painter.