“Portrait of the Shishmaryov sisters”, Karl Pavlovich Brullov – overview

“Portrait of the Shishmaryov sisters”, Karl Pavlovich Brullov – overview
“Portrait of the Shishmaryov sisters”, Karl Pavlovich Brullov - overview - 1

  • Posted by Karl Pavlovich Brullov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1839

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of the Shishmariev sisters – Karl Pavlovich Brullov. Oil on canvas. 284 x 213 cm

   The most famous and outstanding Russian painter Karl Pavlovich Brullov wrote many portraits of famous and rich people in his life. So the portrait depicting the Shishmarev sisters was created for the former retired military, the owner of the horse factory Afanasia Shishmareva, who wished to capture his daughters.

   According to the plan of the painter, who was supported by everyone, two lovely young girls not only pose for the author, but participate in a genre scene.

   On the canvas of the sister Shishmareva, looking forward to an interesting and lively horse ride, they cheerfully run down the stairs. The author beautifully conveys overflows and folds of rich fabrics of outfits, grace and harmony of figures.

   The girls are very nice, from them blows with the charm of youth and freshness. They are very similar to each other, but at the same time, Brullov was able to convey their images in such a way that the character of each is visible. Decisive – one and modest – the other.

   The whole composition is very dynamic, thanks to the impulse of the first sister, who grabbed the hem of the dress, is directed forward with her whole body. A wooming veil rushes after her.

   The second sister is more restrained, but her expectation and desire for a walk, the author expressed in an impatient movement of her hands, in a light, trembling from a summer breeze flying.

   On the left, behind the carved railing, a groom, barely holding back two horses excited by the upcoming horse. A dog rushing around the girls adds sump and joy.

   The talent and skill of the painter manifested itself in the image of a background, lighter, translucent and light, further emphasizing the liveliness and mobility of the main characters.

d Two pretty sisters stopped for a moment to look at the artist, but this moment was enough for Brullov to be able to grab him and create a magnificent, non-standard, different from other portraits.