Portrait of the Stats-Lady M. AND. Rumyantseva, Antropov – overview

Portrait of the Stats-Lady M. AND. Rumyantseva, Antropov – overview
Portrait of the Stats-Lady M. AND. Rumyantseva, Antropov - overview - 1

  • Posted by Alexey Petrovich Antropov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1764

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of the Stats-Lady M. AND. Rumyantseva – Alexey Petrovich Antropov. Oil on canvas. 62.5 x 48 cm

   AND. P. Antropov created during the birth of Russian portrait art. Talent Antropov is versatile: he painted temples and palaces, wrote icons and portraits. As a portrait painter, Aleksey Petrovich remained faithful to the Russian parsun tradition. The figures and faces of the depicted are motionless, the faces are close to the viewer, a neutral dark background is used.

   All this is present in the portrait of M. AND. Rumyantseva. However, despite the lack of artistic means, Antropov manages to show a living person. Looking at the portrait, the viewer can easily imagine how a noble lady looked in life.

   The fate of Maria Andreevna is extraordinary. She spent her childhood and youth abroad with her father, Count Andrei Matveev. The girl was beautiful, smart, spoke foreign languages, danced beautifully. No wonder Peter I himself paid attention to her. Maria became his mistress at age 19. The emperor arranged her marriage with his batman and confidant A. AND. Rumyantsev. The couple had three daughters and a son – the future great commander P. AND. Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky. M. AND. Rumyantseva lived for 89 years, having time to serve 8 emperors. She remembered King Louis XIV of France, who had a dinner, was the friend of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Catherine II respected Rumyantsev for her mind, experience and liveliness of character.

   Until the very end of life M. AND. Rumyantseva retained clarity of mind and wonderful memory. She enjoyed great authority and respect at court. According to the recollections of contemporaries, Maria Andreevna had a good character and was engaged in charity work a lot.

   Antropov painted a portrait of M. AND. Rumyantseva, when she was already at an advanced age. But, despite the years and completeness, the remains of former beauty are visible on the face. According to the then fashion, the lady is whitewashed and broken, the seated hair is hidden under laceous cap. Maria Andreevna has living, smart still attractive eyes, a half smile plays on her lips. The blue dress is hidden by a white satin cloak. However, we see perfectly a portrait of Elizabeth I in a frame strewn with diamonds, pinned on his chest. Such portraits of empresses were given to stats dams upon admission to the service of the court.

   Portrait of M. AND. Rumyantseva was transferred to the Russian Museum by collector Count D. AND. Thick in 1902.