“Portrait of the Venetian,” Albrecht Dührer – overview of the painting

“Portrait of the Venetian,” Albrecht Dührer – overview of the painting
"Portrait of the Venetian," Albrecht Dührer - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Albrecht Durer
  • Museum: Museum of the History of the Arts, Vienna
  • Year: 1505

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of the Venetian – Albrecht Durer. Wood, oil, 32.5 x 24.5 cm
   The documentary accuracy of the image, but at the same time the almost complete absence of facts about it, is what can be said about the famous painting by Albrecht Durer “Portrait of a Venetian”.

What do we know about him?

   The artist wrote a work during his second visit to Italy. It is believed that the work was created under the influence of a friend of Albrecht, Giovanni Bellini, and the impetus for its creation was the inspiration of the master Italian Renaissance.

   The color scheme of the image is striking in its sophistication, it becomes clear at first glance at it. The girl’s wavy hair is poured with delicate shades of light red, looking successfully in contrast to the black background. The skin is shown nobly pale, matte. The girl is full of health and youth.

   Details are also striking in the form of pearl neck necklace (may speak of the noble origin of the lady) and black bow at the heart (a symbol of sorrow and grief in Venice).

   The center of the composition is the girl’s slightly islanded face, her eyes are fixed to the left. Admittedly, the heroine of the portrait is charming, in her image all the best features of Venetian beauties are collected.

What we do not know about this image?

   Obviously, even art historians do not know who Dührer portrayed. It is believed that this is just a Venetian woman of easy behavior, but he contradicts another look at the portrait – maybe it was one of the Venetian noble ladies that conquered the artist’s heart. After all, the portrait literally glows with charm, beauty and tenderness. The artist was clearly passionate about a stranger.