Portrait of Vari Adorat, Feshin Nikolay – overview

Portrait of Vari Adorat, Feshin Nikolay – overview
Portrait of Vari Adorat, Feshin Nikolay - overview - 1

  • Posted by Nikolay Ivanovich Feshin
  • Museum: State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Year: 1914

Overview of the painting :

Portrait of Vari Adorat – Nikolay Ivanovich Feshin. Oil on canvas. 135 x 145 cm

   Feshin Nikolay Ivanovich is a master of various directions in art – impressionism, modernity, landscapes, sculpture, theater decorations, wood carvings, photography, but the main thing in his work was a portrait. During the life of Feshin, when he worked as a teacher at the Art School in Kazan, they were written many portraits of students and students, people and relatives close to him, friends and their children. Perhaps one of the most famous and best paintings is “Portrait of Vari Adorat”.

   The portrait is unusual, first of all, with its compositional structure, which was not accepted at that time by the arrangement of the model. Here the influence of modernism is affected – the center of the canvas is shifted to the left, where the main character of the girl, Varya, is depicted.

   The author sat down the model quite original, on the table, among scattered fruits, toys, dishes. Varenka’s gaze immediately attracts – a little surprised, as if she had just been called, serious, and at the same time inquiring, interrogative.

   The whole picture gives a feeling of airiness and overflow of light, written in a light, soft, gentle-pearl range. The equilibrium gives her a still life with a shiny teapot and bright spots of fruit, arranged on the right side of the canvas.

   If you recall that the picture was written in 1914, when the First World War was taking place, then thanks to the artist’s talent, the girl herself and the objects surrounding her are especially acutely felt like a girl herself and creating a special children’s, protected corner, an atmosphere of calm, warmth, harmony, comfort and soulfulness. As if there is no around a cruel world, with its wars and suffering.

   Many draw a parallel between the work of Feshin and the “Girls with Peaches” of Serov. But, rather, these works can be combined only with a common idea – the hope of a bright and pure that the world of childhood gives us.

   According to contemporaries, “Portrait of Vary of Adorat” is the most beautiful, powerful, fresh, performed with great skill, masterpiece of painting by Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin.