Postage-Due Stamps – Issue of 1879

Postage-Due Stamps - Issue of 1879

These stamps are alike except as to the denominations, which are expressed by Arabic numerals in the middle upon an elliptic ground of delicate lathework.

Upon the upper line of this ground are the words “Postage due” in white capitals; on the lower border is the denomination in letters of the same kind. On the left and right side, respectively, and separating these inscriptions, are the letters “U” and “S” upon white shields. There is complex angular ornamentation of light line work surrounding this, and the whole rests upon a darker- colored beveled tablet, of which but little can be seen, though it covers the entire stamp, which is an upright rectangle 1 by 25/32 of an inch in dimension. The color of all the stamps is light brown.

Act approved March 3 and made effective July 1, 1879

Postage-Due Stamps - Issue of 1879 - denomination, issue date color

The color of these stamps was changed in 1889 to reddish brown and in 1891 the color was again changed to a bright claret. No change was made in the design.

Published by Jr. Paperly