Postal Savings Official Stamps — Issue of 1911

The act of Congress approved June 25, 1910, establishing postal savings depositories, provides:

Sec. 2. That the Postmaster General is hereby directed to prepare and issue special stamps of the necessary denominations for use, in lieu of penalty or franked envelopes, in the transmittal of free mail resulting from the administration of this act.”

Under this provision of law the Department issued postal savings official stamps in five denominations, described as follows:
List of the Postal Savings Official Stamps 1911
The stamp is a rectangle on end, of about the same size as an ordinary postage stamp. In the center is an ellipse containing the words “Official mail” in white letters, the background within the ellipse being lathework. Outside of and following the curve of the ellipse are the words “U. S. postal savings” in white letters. In each lower corner is a numeral expressing the denomination, and between these numerals, the word “Cents” (or “Dollar”) appears in white letters. In the corners at the top are small triangular panels containing relief work. Also, read more about 1870 3 cent stamp.

US Postal Savings Official Stamps 1911

There was also issued a 1-cent and 2-cent official stamped envelope for use of the postal savings. The embossed stamp is an ellipse on end; in the center in plain Gothic type appear the words “Official mail” in two horizontal lines. In the upper half of the border are the words “U. S. postal savings”, and in the lower half “One 1 cent” (or “Two 2 cents”), the numerals being prominent.

The use of postal savings official stamps was discontinued by the act of Congress approved September 23, 1914, providing the penalty privilege for official business of the Postal Savings System.

The unused stamps in the hands of postmasters were returned to the Department and later destroyed by a committee appointed for that purpose.

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Source: Postage Stamps of the United States 1847-1959