“Pratchki”, Abram Efimovich Archipov – overview of the painting

“Pratchki”, Abram Efimovich Archipov – overview of the painting
"Pratchki", Abram Efimovich Archipov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Abram Efimovich Archipov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1901

Overview of the painting :

Prakchki – Abram Efimovich Arkhipov. Oil on canvas. 91.7 x 71.6 cm

   A magnificent artistic masterpiece was written by A. E. Archips! The canvas “Prachki” was created in the style of impressionism, according to the plot of the genre scene. There are two versions of author’s work. A talented artist worked on its creation for three years and graduated in 1901.

   Abram Arkhipov was passionate about painting stories from the life of the little hands – peasants. He was attracted by the image of their figures and bodies bent over grueling work. The plot of the picture appeared due to an accidental visit to the Archipov Archives of one of the Moscow laundries. The artist was looking for new topics for inspiration.

   The master visited the institution several times to truthfully recreate female labor on the canvas. The room was dark and damp. Heavy water vapor was swirling everywhere, and there were practically no amenities for painting. The artist politely invited women to pose in their workshop. The work lasted a very long time. Inspiration left and visited him again.

   The archipova attracted the figure of an elderly woman in a tired, bent pose. On it is a long blue skirt, a white blouse, a light scarf. She sat down to rest, relieving pain in the back muscles tense from heavy labor. A woman looks thoughtfully into the floor. The artist portrayed it so truthfully and reliably as his high creative orientation allowed.

   In the background, the pictures of the laundress are depicted from the back. They are dressed in work clothes with aprons. On the left is a gray-haired woman washing her underwear in a trough. On the table is a jug standing on white fabric. On the floor are scraps of matter. Daylight penetrates into a small window. He dilutes the dark dusk of the basement with his brilliance.