Prisoner Walk, Van Gogh, 1890

Prisoner Walk, Van Gogh, 1890
Prisoner Walk, Van Gogh, 1890 - 1

  • Posted by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Museum: Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin
  • Year: 1890

Description of the picture :

Prisoner Walk – Van Gogh. 1890. Oil on canvas. 80×64

   “Walk of Prisoners”, one of Van Gogh’s most piercing creations, was created in the Saint-Remy Hospital, where the artist got in because of the onset of mental illness. The composition is an interpretation of the engraving according to the figure of the Dostav Dore. The picture depicts a well of a small and cramped prison yard, in which prisoners are doomed to move one after another. Their bizarre shadows in the mess lie on stone slabs, and from these shadows the stones seem to begin to move, and from above on empty eye sockets the windows look indifferently. Despite the use of clean shades of blue, green and purple paints, the color of the canvas seems bleak. The solar symbol – the circle – closes here with another, favorite Van Gogh, motive for the path, and this merger strengthens the hopelessness of the already tragic composition.