Province of the 1830s, M. AT. Dobuzhinsky, 1907

Province of the 1830s, M. AT. Dobuzhinsky, 1907
Province of the 1830s, M. AT. Dobuzhinsky, 1907 - 1

  • Author: Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1907

Overview of the painting :

The province of the 1830s is Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky. 1907. Cardboard, pencil, gouache, watercolor, white. 60×83.5
   Mstislav Valeryanovich Dobuzhinsky (1875-1957) is one of the brightest artists of the early twentieth century, working mainly in the technique of graphics. His works, like the rest of the participants of the art association “World of Art”, are dedicated to the charm of aesthetics and the atmosphere of past eras.

   The “province of the 18th 19th” captures the view of an artist who has been appeasing the course of everyday life of a Russian town more than half a century ago. The “capture” of the image with the purpose of placing the pillar almost in the center of the composition contributes to the perception of the film happening as an accidentally seen frame. The absence of the main character and the disjection of the picture is a kind of artist’s game with vain expectations of the viewer. The sloping houses, the domes of ancient churches and the sleeping city hall are the same as the view of the main square of the city. The bustle of the ladies, hurrying, apparently, to the modification of the new outfits, was written by Dobuzhinsky almost caricaturely. The work is permeated with the mood of the harmless kindness of the artist. A bright color of work makes it look like a postcard so popular at the turn of the century.