Raphael - 1

  • Year of birth: 1483
  • Date of death: April 6, 1520
  • Country: Italy


Raphael was born in April, 1483, in Italy, in a small town called Urbino. 8 years later his mother died, and after 3 years died and the father, because Raphael became an orphan. Already by this time many famous artists saw the little boy a great talent.

The first painting of Raphael was the image of the Church of San Agostino. This picture he ordered in 1500. He was always fascinated by paintings of the Italian artists, so when he turned 21, he decided to learn from the most famous: Leonardo and Michelangelo. By the end of 1508 he moved to Rome, where he hires Pope Julius II. It was a turning event in the life of the artist.

In 1514 he was invited to the restoration of the temple of Peter. Despite the fact that the work was very much, Rafael was able to successfully combine this work with a few others. In 1515 he began to work much more productive and the Pope conferred on him the responsibility for the census of a variety of ancient marble sculptures and frescoes. Though such masters as Michelangelo and Da Vinci was more talented, but they often, in contrast to Raphael, left their work unfinished.

Raphael never married, but wanted once to marry the niece of one important cardinal. According to many experts in the field of art, his early death due to his sexual intemperance. He died, this famous artist to your 37th Birthday. Buried Raphael in the Roman Pantheon.