“Return of the prodigal son,” Rembrandt

“Return of the prodigal son,” Rembrandt
“Return of the prodigal son,” Rembrandt - 1

  • Posted by Rembrandt
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: Around 1668

Description of the picture :

The return of the prodigal son is Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine. Around 1668. Oil on canvas. 262×205

   One of the peaks of the work of the great Dutch artist is the painting “Return of the prodigal son.”. It was written in the last decade of the master’s life, when he was already weak, old and begged, leading a semi-hungry existence. Prior to this, Rembrandt (1606-1669) repeatedly addressed the plot of the “lack son” in his graphic works.

   The picturesque surface of the canvas literally radiates the heat of the Crabrandt palette, the flickering cutter emphasizes the figures of the main characters. In the images of the bending old man and his kneeling son, the painter expresses the most difficult range of feelings: remorse and mercy, unlimited love for his child and bitterness of late insight. In the picture “Return of the prodigal son”, Rembrandt’s psychological talent was fully revealed, because he put all his creative experience into it.