“Russian beauty”, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky – overview of the painting

“Russian beauty”, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky – overview of the painting
"Russian beauty", Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky - overview of the painting - 1

    • Posted by Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky
    • Museum: City Art Museum, Gorlovka
    • Year: After 1900

Overview of the painting :

Russian beauty – Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky. Oil, cardboard. 35 x 27.5 cm

This small picture bears a clear imprint of impressionism. This is manifested in the technique of writing, in which flowers are made in the girl’s wreath, her clothes and jewelry. At the same time, her face is prescribed very carefully, it is clear that the artist paid all his attention to him, thin tender skin, a fresh young blush and transparent blue eyes.

This master has many portraits of Russian beauties, mainly in magnificent, even fanciful outfits of the Dopetrovsk era. In the same case, a young girl in a wreath of simple field colors is captured in the picture. She is wearing discreet clothes and modest jewelry in the form of multi-colored beads. By this, she is very different from the rest of the “paradial” portraits of the beauty of this artist.

The girl has blond, golden-grown hair braided in one braid – a characteristic sign of an unmarried young lady from any estate. A wreath of different colors and leaves adorns her head. Such a hat was characteristic of residents of the southern provinces of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He emphasized the beauty and freshness of the girl, her delicate light skin with a light blush, juicy scarlet lips. The whole appearance of the portraised literally breathes youth, beauty and health.

Unusual is the look of a girl. Usually, all characters look at the artist on portraits, because of this, the impression of looking directly into the eyes of the audience is created. This is not here – the girl looks up and to the side, as if she sees something with her inner eyes.

There is nothing superfluous on the portrait to distract attention. On other portraits of the brush of this master there are a lot of details, jewelry, colorful fabrics, so it is impossible to focus on one thing. Here, the girl’s face, her clear and clean eyes are a clear focus. This is a very beautiful and joyful picture, despite the extremely simple plot and the minimum number of details.