Saint Benedict, Hans Memling, 1487

Saint Benedict, Hans Memling, 1487
Saint Benedict, Hans Memling, 1487 - 1

  • Posted by Hans Memling
  • Museum: Uffizi Gallery
  • Year: 1487

Description of the picture :

Saint Benedict – Hans Memling. 1487. Wood, butter. 45.5×34.5
   The work of the student Rogir van der Weiden, Hans Memling (between 1433 and 1440-1494), belonged to a new period in Dutch painting of the 15th century, which was already under considerable influence of Italian, which can be judged by the presented portrait.

   Saint Benedict is the founder of Western monasticism and the author of the charter underlying his hostel. Memling portrayed Benedict in black monastic robes, with a staff carefully reading the Bible. The saint seems to be whispering divine words. The artist conveyed in the guise of this ascetic and hermit an expression that appears on the face of a person immersed in reading and admiring what was written. The soft cut-off painting of the face and hands of St. Benedict makes it even more felt his image, the silence and concentration of which is echoed by the evening landscape outside the window.