Sculpture in Prague

Sculpture in Prague - 1

It is hard to imagine a city with a large number of different sculptures, monuments, than Prague. Historical, religious, modern sculpture adorn almost every street, square, alley, city Park. One of the features of the Czech capital – the abundance of modern city sculpture, unusual, innovative, controversial and so appealing.

Sculpture in Prague - 2
Without a doubt, the historic city sculpture (the statue of Charles IV, St. Wenceslas, Jan HUS, Jan Žižka) tells about the difficult and tragic events of Czech history. Sculptures of politicians (Masaryk, Wilson, Churchill) – set not long ago, talk about that part of the history of the country, which has long been interpreted only negatively. The culture of a country can be studied on monuments Dvořák, Kafka, Hasek, sour Cream, etc.

But the most unusual sculpture of Prague – works of modern masters. About each to say a few words.

Pissing men

In the courtyard of the Museum of the great Kafka is this not quite a decent fountain. Two male figures celebrate small need, standing in a puddle, its shape reminiscent of the Czech Republic. The idea of the author (David Black) everyone is free to interpret in their own way. The monument is not easy, the shape is constantly in motion, they are controlled by the computer. Driving jet, men write different phrases on the puddle. A strange arrangement draws crowds of tourists.

Sculpture in Prague - 3


This inverted sculpture of St. Wenceslas sitting on the belly of his horse, the author has created for the main hall of Central post office of Prague. The extravagance of the work embarrassed postal officials and the work was placed in the Lucerne Palace in Prague, where she will remain until, until the Czech Republic becomes a monarchy. It is the wish of the author (the same David Black), Prague, supported by some patrons.

Sculpture in Prague - 4

The empty raincoat

This work is a student of Salvador Dali Anna Chromium near the theatre of the Estates is considered one of the most mystical among the sculptures of Prague. The master has thus portrayed the spirit of Mozart’s Opera “don Giovanni”, which premiered here in the late 18th century. Void clothed in the clothing, attracts with its uniqueness and profound meaning. The work has several names – the cloak of conscience, a robe without a face, etc.

Sculpture in Prague - 5


Above the street Chusovoy, holding one hand over the bar, hangs a man in a suit. Another creation of David Black, this time dedicated to Sigmund Freud. A ghostly relationship of man, his conscious, makes tenacious hold on the real world, not to be thrown into the ocean of the unconscious that determines his actions and decisions. The sculpture makes an impression. It is known that at first, passers-by called the police to report a suicide attempt.

Sculpture in Prague - 6

Bench Vice

Ambiguous and controversial composition Lea Vivot adorns the main entrance to the Central office of the lottery company on the streets of Prague. Woman without underwear hugs the leg of the sitting man with ballot lottery company in hand. Next to neat stacks of money, obviously winning. The message is clear – passion is like adultery. Immediately after installation of the sculptures was a scandal – the main character was very similar to President Havel in his youth. Anyway, the sculpture for 13 years on the place, causing confusion, disputes, protests and admiration. Among the urban sculptures of Prague this is the most ambiguous.

Sculpture in Prague - 7

Factory bubbles

The brainchild of Willem frycz adorns Charles square, near the Church of Ignatius Loyola. Complex sculpted design is constantly in motion. Producing huge bubbles, the sculpture is reminiscent of the speeches of politicians, full of rosy promises, disappearing immediately after the elections. Complex design produces a variety of manipulations to give birth to a single large bubble that adorn this world seconds.

Sculpture in Prague - 8
This is the most unusual work of contemporary Czech sculptors worthy of the attention of tourists.

Friends, I really hope that you liked this story, and that’s why we offer you to get acquainted with the museums of Prague – there is also a lot of interesting.