Sculptures made of plastic bottles

Sculptures made of plastic bottles - 1

Plastic bottles are a major environmental hazard. The time of decomposition may last for up to two centuries, and the volume of production of this cheap and convenient packaging increases from year to year. The idea of using plastic bottles as a material for sculptures is not new. In the mid 70-ies in Europe and America staged competitions and festivals, all costs incured producers of carbonated drinks, receiving dividends in the form of increased sales.

The transparency of the material contributed to the fact that from the very beginning of plastic bottles were used to create the most incredible lamps. Different color of the bottles also had the advantage of material.

Many artists of the era of postmodernism is often used plastic bottles to create installations, denouncing the consumer society, or calling attention to the problem of environmental pollution.

Today, a huge number of fans who carved out bottles of various compositions. There are a few different techniques.

Sculptures made of plastic bottles - 2
The texture of the bottle is preserved and not deformed. In this case, requires a large amount of material. Sculpture get huge, but very effective. It is in this technique performed the sculpture “Fish” on one of the beaches of Brazil, commissioned by the UN conference “Rio+20”, which was devoted to the problems of waste disposal.

Plastic bottles perfectly capture the texture of fish scales, and the transparency of the material with special lighting, filled with giant figures shimmer that looks very impressive at night.

Other equipment associated with the deformation of the bottles (cut, bulk deformation). This method is most common among Amateurs. Through this technique you can create a variety of garden sculpture or interior. In this case, actively used bottles of different colors. Robots, animal figures, reduced copies of architectural masterpieces, boxes, toys, and more. The technique is very affordable, so it is so like Amateurs. In this technique serves to create numerous master-classes in the network. The possibilities for imagination are endless.

Sculptures made of plastic bottles - 3
Finally, the third technique involves the use of a plastic like material. In this case, artists often melted bottles, getting plastic mass. Technique is complex, akin to the technique of glass blowers. So in this way sculptures and installations produced more professional artists. Often, in addition to plastic mass, used fragments of bottles, to focus on the material and update the idea of work.

Sculptures made of plastic bottles - 4
In many countries, festivals and competitions “Eco-Art”. Most often of all the materials the participants in such events choosing plastic bottles.

In addition to bottles, creating sculptures using plastic utensils, Cutlery, and plastic bubbles from the medication.
Hobby plastic as a material for sculpture partly solves the problem of its utilization.