Self-portrait, Mark Chagall

Self-portrait, Mark Chagall
Self-portrait, Mark Chagall - 1

  • Posted by Mark Zakharovich Shagal
  • Museum: Stedeleik, Amsterdam
  • Year: 1913

Overview of the painting :

Self-portrait with seven fingers – Mark Zakharovich Shagal. 1913. Oil on canvas. 128 x 107 cm

   This unusual portrait first appeared at the trial of the audience at the exhibition of the Salon of Independent, and immediately attracted attention, thanks to the harmonious combination of neoprimitivism and cubism.

   Chagall appears before us in the image of a creator, artist: this is indicated by a jacket with lapels, and a butterfly, and a looking yellow vest. Palette, golden curls, neat pink on lapel and palette in the hands in the foreground paintings add romantic features to the image.

   But this does not attract attention, first of all – even the most inattentive viewer will see that seven fingers flaunt on the left hand of the painter. The author did not accidentally allow such an anatomical error. The fact is that in Yiddish there is an expression that can be compared with the usual phraseology “master at all hands”, only it is about seven fingers. Chagall decided to play a trick on his skill, subtly and unobtrusively.

   An interesting comparison of landscapes is also interesting here – in the window we see the beautiful Eiffel Tower, and the image of the Orthodox church soars in the air over the easel. No Paris was able to oust the sweet paintings of the motherland from the soul.

   Chagall’s self-portrait was emphasized by eccentric and even psychological, in this his charm and originality.