Self portrait, Rembrandt, 1639

Self portrait, Rembrandt, 1639
Self portrait, Rembrandt, 1639 - 1

  • Posted by Rembrandt
  • Museum: Uffizi Gallery
  • Year: Around 1639

Description of the picture :

Self portrait – Rembrandt Harmens Van Rhine. Around 1639. Wood, butter. 62.5×54

   Rembrandt (1606-1669) was the artist in the new European painting who sought to penetrate the depths of the human soul, so he wrote so many self-portraits, as if talking with himself. In his youth, while still happy and even careless, he loved to portray himself as smart and slightly posing. “Rembrandt loved to dress up and change clothes like a real actor,” said French writer and artist Eugene Fromanten, “he put on turbans, velvet berets, felt hats, camisols, raincoats … He clung to the hair of jewelry, put on golden chains with stones on his neck. ”. But at the same time, the artist sought to penetrate the secret secret person, which is also evident in this “Auto Portrait”.

   Drawing himself blooming, the master tried to keep his youth and beauty on the canvas, because they pass. The person he is – weak, in the grip of time and still strong, while he feels the beating of life – this is the main theme of the Crabrand painting.