Sewer Museum, Paris, France

Sewer Museum, Paris, France

Sewer Museum, Paris, France - 1

  • Country: France
  • City: Paris
  • Address: face au 93 Quai d’orsay, 75007

Wanting to go to Paris primarily attracts the famous Eiffel tower, however. not many people know that the city is also famous for other attractions and one of them will be discussed in our article.

   Paris sewer Museum is a wonderful place showing the visitors the history of the creation of sewer pipes in Paris. You have the opportunity to look at the development of sewer routes in the city, starting with the first sewer system built in 1370, the year to modern channels, with a length of over 2200 km Course, the tour of the Museum does not imply the journey all the gutters of Paris – there are specially equipped halls, in which exhibits of sewers. As exhibits is not only the current sewer system of the city, but different technique that is used to maintain the normal operation of sewer pipes. The plot, which plays the role of the Museum is equipped with an additional system of ventilation and bright lighting. Rooms for visitors are not give a real understanding of the complexity of the work in sewer channels, however, in some places, still breathes the natural smell of running water. The sewer system of Paris repeats the plan of the city – the tunnels expanded wide streets and narrow under the narrow back streets. In addition, in tunnels, on every corner, you can find signs indicating the street under which it passes.

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   Schematic of the Paris sewage system acts as a Museum since 1867, the year, because this year is from the first tour of the sewers. From 1890 to 1920, the first year of the tour of the sewers of Paris were conducted on a special train. However, for technical reasons had to abandon this idea as the transport to use the boat, which was the only mode of transport through the sewers of Paris, until 1975, the year. At the moment, at the Paris sewer Museum is allowed only Hiking.