Shishkin’s painting “Berezovaya Grove”, 1896 – overview

Shishkin’s painting “Berezovaya Grove”, 1896 – overview
Shishkin's painting “Berezovaya Grove”, 1896 - overview - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
  • Museum: Yaroslavl Art Museum
  • Year: 1896

Overview of the painting :

Birch Grove – Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 1896. Oil on canvas. 95.5 x 70 cm

   The world-famous painting “Berezovaya Grove” was written by Shishkin Oil in 1896. At the moment, the picture is in the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

   Shades of green, brown and white predominate in the picture. It would seem – a combination of colors is more than simple, but surprisingly successful: looking at the picture, you fully feel among these trees, you feel the warmth of sunlight.

   The birch grove flooded with the sun seems to radiate some special light, felt by everyone who sees the picture. By the way, Shishkin, being a patriot of his country, did not in vain choose the heroine of this picture precisely birch, because it is she who has been considered the national symbol of Russia since ancient times.

   The incredible clarity with which all the details are drawn is surprising: the grass seems amazingly silky, the birch bark is like real and every birch leaf makes you remember the aroma of birch grove.

   This landscape is written so naturally that it’s hard to even call it a picture. Rather, the name is a reflection of reality.