Spanish Wedding, Mariano Fortuni – overview of the painting

Spanish Wedding, Mariano Fortuni – overview of the painting
Spanish Wedding, Mariano Fortuni - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Mariano Fortuni
  • Museum: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
  • Year: 1870

Overview of the painting :

Spanish Wedding – Mariano Fortuni. Oil on canvas. 60 x 93 cm

   The magnificent artistic masterpiece “Spanish Wedding” was depicted by the painter Mariano Fortuni! The picture is written in the genre of realism. The artist began to work on it in Rome and completed the canvas in Paris, working on it from 1868 to 1870.

   The idea of the work was very interesting. Mariano Fortuni loved to attend temples. He was inspired by the atmosphere of the parish church in Madrid, and during the preparation of his wedding with Cecilia he painted this picture. He talentedly portrayed himself, his wife, her sister Isabelle, relatives, relatives and friends on the canvas.

   The action takes place in a church sacristy. The spacious room is decorated with gilded icons, engravings, angel figures, carved mirrors. The picture shows the moment of signing the marriage contract. The main characters are the groom and the bride. They are dressed smartly, beautifully and solemnly, according to the fashion of the eighteenth century. A priest in black watch the ceremony. He already blessed the newlyweds to marry. Refined art technology gives the picture greatness combined with simplicity. Men’s costumes are gallant, women’s dresses are magnificent and elegant. On the heads of women – lace cloaks and crests, on men – triangles. Some household items are taken from the artist’s personal collection.

   Mariano Fortuni used contrasts in his work. Dark colors in the interior of the church are combined with light tones. This gives the picture a special mysterious style filled with spiritual harmony. The artist expressed in his masterpiece all the important life moments, talentedly working as a brush. He thought about his family life, idolizing his future wife. Thanks to his efforts, zeal and painstaking work, the picture turned out to be brilliant and gained great world fame. The society praised the merits of the artist!

   Art work carries a romantic mood, gives good, light, love. She will look great in the interior of the living room, visiting pleasant and joyful impressions.