Spy Museum in Finland, Tampere

Spy Museum in Finland, Tampere

Spy Museum in Finland, Tampere - 1

  • Country: Finland
  • City: Tampere
  • Address: Satakunnankatu 18

The original spy Museum is located in the Finnish city of Tampere. The Museum was opened in Finland for a reason. The country is located between West and East, making it the perfect platform for spying. The Museum was opened in 1988. It’s funny that the bus under the number “7” which goes to the Museum on the opening day was renamed as “007”, so I wanted to make the owner of the spy Museum – Teppo Turja. I have to say, it was fun and interesting.

Now let’s find out what is inside the Museum. I must say that inside it will be interesting to both small and adults, both men and women. Of course, the spy Museum presents various photos of all the famous spies such as Richard Sorge, Mata Hari and others. Here are all of the exhibits you can touch, use and experiment on yourself. Here you will meet and the lie detector, and various devices to change the voice and has a lot of interesting things. But that’s not all. Anyone who likes it is an unusual lesson – espionage, will be asked to take an aptitude test for the profession of a spy. Afterwards, everyone gets a letter of recommendation.

After entering the Museum, along with a ticket guests receive a card with tasks. All happy to do these jobs. Someone’s looking for a secret door, and someone breaks into the safe.

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In the Museum, there are divisions. They were created for everyone to choose what his taste. So the Museum has a Department of “undercover Agents”, “Spies-women”, “Ninja”, “Gun spies”. The Museum also has a special Department, devoted exclusively to Russian spies and their biography can be read in Russian. The spy Museum often hosts various exhibitions. At the exit of the Museum everyone will be able to visit a spy store and buy memory some interesting thing: the invisible ink pen or compass, and much more.

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To find the Museum is easy – it is located in the heart of the city.

The cost of tickets relatively cheap: 8 euros for adults and students, children under 6 years admission is free. The price spy test, is 5 Euro.

The Museum is open every day. Almost always it opens at 11: 00. (there are exceptions) and closes at 17 00.