“Summer Hot Day”, Fedor Vasiliev – overview of the painting

“Summer Hot Day”, Fedor Vasiliev – overview of the painting
“Summer Hot Day”, Fedor Vasiliev - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Fedor Aleksandrovich Vasiliev
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1869

Overview of the painting :

Summer hot day – Fedor Alexandrovich Vasiliev. Oil on canvas. 33 x 41 cm
   “Summer Hot Day” by Fedor Vasiliev is one of the most cheerful landscapes of the artist. 1869 – the year of creating the picture – in the biography of Vasiliev was marked by a summer trip to the village of Znamenskoye, where he stayed with his friend and patron Pavel Stroganov. This journey allowed the young painter to penetrate the peasant life and gave a significant impetus to the development of his artistic talents.

   The canvas depicts a grass-growing country road facing the forest. In the background is a multitude of trees and an endless azure sky with fluffy white clouds.

   Apparently, the forest clearing is located near the village – sawn logs are closer to the audience. Field flowers are also visible in the foreground.

   The central part of the picture is several trees and a peasant woman in a red scarf, sitting in their shadow. She rests after a hard journey: bowed her head, lowered her hands to her knees. Her image is a symbol of serenity and peace, the unity of man with nature.

   The slightly horizontally pulled square format of the picture creates a cozy chamber, static landscape. The background is not overloaded with various details, the viewer’s view is focused on the middle of the canvas, which allows his eyes to rest.

   When writing the picture, the artist used bright and saturated colors – mainly green and yellow shades. Despite this, it does not look too catchy: blooming vegetation is balanced by a gentle blue sky and central shadow; in addition, the crowns of distant trees are depicted using a transitional color between green and blue, and therefore they merge somewhat with the background, look easy and airy.

   “Summer Hot Day” is a combination of Vasiliev’s most joyful and pleasant impressions of living in the village, oda nature and her union with man.